selle Most Lynx Ultra Superflow L MN- Vacuum AM Black

Introducing new LYNX the perfect link between bike and cyclist. LYNX present a new compact shape with rounded and ergonomic tip. This saddle is conceived and specially designed with a “short-fit” shape following the new trends of saddles market. This new saddle provide ample sit bone support. The short nose section help to keep pressure off of soft tissue increasing comfort on long distance rides. A long and wide central channel also reduce the pressure on perineal area increasing the blood flow.
Foam padding combined with premium finishing gives the final comfortable and premium touch. Stiff shell reinforced with carbon fiber combined with carboKeramic rail means stiffness and lightweight.
On the rear part of the saddles there is a new special clamp designed to hold a new family of accessories that will be available soon
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Référence fournisseur: SI079A901MHA001
EAN: 1000000289275
Fabricant: MOST
€62,40 HTVA
• WEIGHT: 150g
• FRAME: CarboKeramic Ø7x9 mm
• SHELL: Carbon reinforced
• SIZES: 145x245mm
• PADDING: Foam padding + Premium finishing
• idMATCH: SuperFlow L3
• CATEGORY: Racing